Here are some tips for winning at Omaha hi lo:

  1. Keep in mind that Omaha hi lo is VERY different from Texas holdem. The difference between having one hole card combination and having six hole card combinations is THE crucial difference between these two games, and it affects all of your decisions.
  2. The other major difference between Texas holdem and Omaha hi lo is that you MUST use two of your hole cards to make up your final hand. If you get confused about this, you’ll lose lots of money needlessly.
  3. It takes big hands to win in Omaha hi lo. Full houses are rare in Texas holdem, but they’re pretty common in Omaha hi lo. So a winning Omaha hi lo strategy is a tight Omaha hi lo strategy.
  4. The addition of the “hi lo split” changes your strategy too. Not only do you have to look for what might be the best possible high hand, you have to look for what might be the best possible low hand. If a low hand is possible, then you need to be prepared to split the pot, which changes a high hand’s profitability.
  5. How well your hole cards play together is the critical question when deciding how to play your cards before the flop. You have six combinations. You want a lot of those six combinations to play well together, if not all of them.
  6. If the flop doesn’t fit your hole cards well, then get out of the hand. This is one point where Texas holdem and Omaha hi lo are similar. Fit or fold.
  7. Since aces play both low and high, it’s important to play starting hand which include them. Your goal with your hole cards is to have both high hand potential AND low hand potential.

Omaha hi lo is a fun game, and it’s also potentially very profitable for a winning player. The tricks and tactics for winning at Omaha hi lo will become clearer the more practice you get at the table.

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