Poker sites take a small percentage of each pot and add on a fee for tournament entry, this is known as rake. This means that not only do you need to beat the other players but you need to win enough to cover your rake paid too.

Rake however, as one might think is not simply taken at the end of each hand before the winner receives the pot. It is taken at increments throughout the hand in small portions.

Generally the looser a player is, the more rake that will be paid. So if you are playing at a loose table with several loose players than you and everyone else will be paying more rake due to the large bets being placed.

It is very difficult to tell how much rake is being paid but it is quite a small percentage.

Luckily for us players though there is something can do about rake. Some sites offer what is called “Rakeback” meaning that a site will give a certain percentage of the rake taken – back to the player. Currently the highest rakeback you can receive is 33% at Cake Poker.

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