Caribbean Stud Poker cannot be said to be a very old game. Although there is no clarity regarding the inventor of this game, it seems to have developed in the Caribbean in the 80′s. The game was first played on cruise ships travelling along the Caribbean islands. The players play the game only with the intention of making huge profit. The rising popularity of this game can be attributed to the similarities and simple rules with poker.

Carribean stud poker is basically a casino table game and is a combination of blackjack and poker. The players hand is played against the dealer just like in the blackjack game. The dealer can choose to play against single or multiple opponents. The only difference between this game and traditional five card stud poker lies in the fact that unlike the latter, Caribbean Stud Poker is played not against the players but against the casino. Today, Carribean stud poker is one of the most popular online casino games played in countries such as North America and others because of its simple rules and strategies.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Players can expect to win a great deal of money in any given hand through the progressive jackpots that can be found in most of the casinos. This game is also one of the most exciting and fun games to play online. Additionally, the game does not involve any form of bluffing since players play against the dealer and not against other players or opponents. The player places an ante first and then folds or raises depending on the poker hand’s strength. Today, the Carribean stud poker game has also found a place in the Las Vegas casinos. With the addition of a progressive jackpot with an optional side bet advantage, many more players have been attracted towards this game that can be easily played online. This is the standard form the game that is played both in online and land based casinos today after receiving wide acceptance. Some of the sites let players to play this game free of cost. The sites also enable players to practice the game and to learn all about the strategies and tips before starting to play the actual game.

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