The Biggest Names in Online Poker Today!

Regardless of whether it is a simple game of poker or the ultra-modern free video poker online, the number of people enjoying the classic card game at online casinos is increasing with each passing day, with poker pegged to grow in popularity and appeal with people all over the world. The popularity of the game is unsurprisingly, on the rise. It has made a successful and gradual transition from a fun family card game to being one of the most commercially popular online casino games in the world. Every beginner who enters the world of poker wishes to learn how to play video poker professionally, and wants to be listed on the rundown of the world’s best pro poker players.

Inspired by some of the top players who play video poker online, these novel gamblers are keen on playing for big online jackpots and, gradually, make their way to the world’s best list. Online video poker reviews help them choose the best platforms to play video poker, and gives them an opportunity to earn some fame and money in the world of online poker, as a result. Every year, some new players make it to the top 10 list because of their sheer professional approach and strategy-based gameplay. However, there are some older pro-poker kings that manage to reappear in the top charts every year, with their impeccable abilities to make millions at the high-stake poker tables.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the biggest names in the world of online poker, who are printing bills worth millions on the poker tables.

Phil Ivey 

It isn’t a surprise to see the best Texas Hold’em Poker player in the world adorn the top spot, with an amount of over $19 million in his profit account. The 37-year old poker master is named as the Tiger Woods of Poker. He has several nicknames; among which “No Home Jerome” stems from the identity card that Phil secured for playing poker in the casinos of Atlantic City during his teenage years. Phil hasn’t made all that money while playing Full Tilt Poker only. He has earned quite a big reputation in the live poker circuit, as well. The American pro-poker player has nine World Series of Poker bracelets and a World Poker Tour title to his name. He has also appeared in nine World Poker Tour final round tables.

Patrik Antonius 

The second best pro poker player, Patrik is a former tennis player, coach and a supermodel from Vantaa, Finland. This Finnish poker star started his journey towards fame during early 2005, with his excellent finishes in the European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour events. With over $11 million in his kitty, Patrik Antonius is one of the most consistent performers the world of online poker has ever seen. He is, to date, the biggest pot winner online, with an amount of $1,356,947 against a young Swedish player, Viktor Blom, back in the year 2009.
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Poker Players

Australian poker forums are the ideal venues for Ozzy players to come together and shoot the breeze about anything poker related. These forums provide a super platform for engaging with fellow Aussie poker players. Discuss the WPT, the WSOP, the Aussie Millions, the Aussie Poker Freeroll tournaments and poker videos to your heart’s content.

Poker players will relish the opportunity to cash in on super poker satellite tournaments at all leading Aussie poker sites. The Australian National Poker League is an A-grade poker club where national poker needs are discussed and issues resolved.

If you aren’t familiar with poker, you may wonder why people love to play it so much. Well, there are many reasons. Poker is one of those games that follows the old adage “easy to learn, hard to master” Each of the poker variants – for example Texas holdem, Omaha hi, or seven card stud, to name just a few, has its own nuances. The differences between those games are easy to learn, but each subtle rule variation can affect how you play. Even the betting limits can make a difference.

Once you add in the social elements and psychology, you end up with a very interesting game that gives you a mental workout. If you’re playing free poker games online, you can enjoy the nuances of the game and treat it like chess, or any other strategic casinos game.
If you are playing an online poker tournament for money, you get the added thrill of making risk vs reward judgements. Even if you are only playing for a very small amount of money, this can still be very exciting with online casino bonus. Playing in tournaments where a big prize is at stake is even more of a thrill.

For many, it is the social aspect of poker which is the biggest attraction. Regular players get to know the fellow members of the online poker community, which has a good amount of camaraderie among the regular players.

In conclusion, some people play online poker for the social aspects, some people play for the thrill factor, and some people play for the cerebral part of the game. The beauty of online poker is that it has something for everyone.