Online poker is popular all around the world, and for good reason. It’s not only a great way to have fun playing your favorite game; it’s also a great way to make money if you know what you’re doing. Before we get to specific poker strategies, let’s take a look at your best options in regards to Australian online poker sites.

Poker Strategy

If you’re not an experienced poker player, then it’s highly recommended that you begin playing at the low-stakes cash games. You might think that the low buy-in tournaments would be your best bet, but there are too many races in tournaments. You might have an opportunity to win more money, but you won’t actually be improving your skill level. When you play in cash games, there are very few all-in races. This means you actually have to play poker and make difficult decisions. This might sound like a negative, but it’s a huge positive. It’s the best way to get better. After you win money consistently at the micro-stakes level, you can then move up one level so you will see bigger returns.

Regardless of what stakes you play, you will eventually learn that position is everything. The simplest advice is to play very tight when in early position and very aggressive when it late position. Early position pertains to first to act. Late position pertains to being on the button or one off the button.

Online Poker Sites in Australia


Spin Palace

Spin Palace has a stellar reputation in the online gambling world. If you bet online in any form, then there’s a good chance you have used an Spin Palace site at one point. If not, then there’s still an excellent chance you have heard this brand name in the past. This is a good sign because it indicates a business with staying power. In order to have staying power in this industry, an online poker site must offer quality. This all benefits you, the player. Spin Palace Poker offers top-tier software and customer service. There are also a lot of fish, or donkeys, that play here, which pertains to bad poker players.

Ruby Fortune

This site is also popular throughout the world. The biggest advantages to playing at Ruby Fortune Poker include big tournaments and a lot of payment options. The former is important because it can lead to enormous wins. The latter is important because you want to make sure you can get your money in and out as quickly as possible.

Betway Poker

This site isn’t as popular as the two listed above, but it does offer big bonuses for new players. The site is almost always busy, and there are a lot of different types of tournaments to choose from. They also offer qualifiers, which are tournaments where you can qualify to play in big live events.

Mummy’s Gold

This site has been around forever. It’s one the most reputable gambling sites in the world. While there is always good traffic, the biggest selling point for Mummy’s Gold is that they offer some tournament with $1 million prize pools.

Cabaret Club

Cabaret Club is a beast when it comes to traffic. You will never have trouble finding a game. You will also have an opportunity to play anything from micro stakes to high stakes. In addition to that, they offer a points system. The more you play, the more points you earn. You can then use those points for merchandise and entry fees to big tournaments.

GNUF Poker

This site has many slick and professional online poker rooms, and with regular tournaments it is no wonder GNUF is one of the top choices for playing poker online. Since 2006 GNUF Poker has been servicing players from around the world, including Australians of course, with offers such as Texas Hold ‘em, 7 Card Stud Poker, 5 Card Draw Poker, Omaha, and more. Powered on top of a Micrograming platform, you will find no shortage of series poker players here.

Great Products That Will Lead To Early Success

There are a lot of poker books out there that will help you improve. If you want to order a physical book that’s very in-depth, then you should read Harrington On Hold ‘Em written by Dan Harrington. If you would prefer reading an eBook, consider Sustainable Wins in 1/2 No Limit Poker by Dan Moss. This is a quick read that will get you on the right track.

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