What is Poker Training and is it Worth it?

Most poker enthusiasts consider training at some point. Getting coaching is not something to do lightly as it can be costly and time consuming. It’s only a good idea if you have the patience and dedication to give it your all. Whilst a reputable poker training site can help you improve quickly, the responsibility still on the student to put training into practice. In this article we’ll examine what forms of training are available online and whether it’s worthwhile.

Exploitative Poker

As you’ll see, poker coaching primarily falls into two distinct and different methods, exploitative and GTO. The exploitative method focuses more on the failings of others to give you a better win rate. Texas Hold’em Questions a UK poker training site offer exploitative poker training as their primary function. They claim that as low stakes games are filled with players making lots of errors it’s the best way to ensure a high win rate. Continue reading

Where you sit is vital at a poker table

If you knew for a candid fact that there were two professionals or very good players on the table then the last place that you would want them to be is on your left. Not only are they top players but they are top players that have position on you and KNOW how to exploit it as well. You want that edge negated so this means that you want these players on your right where their playing power is blunted to you.

If you could pick and choose then you would want weak and tight players on your left. Just the type of player that could not make the most of their positional advantage. Some seats can be so bad in a poker game that the best course of action could be to get up and go and find another game. In an ideal world of course you would like dummies in every seat on your table but life is not like that.

You cannot take a walk just because you have notes on a couple of players on your table and they happen to be good. As you move up through the limits providing that you do that is, then you will encounter games with players who know what time of day it is. It is important that you are aware of who they are and also where they are sat. Your earn rate in poker is dependent on many things but seat placement is a little understood concept and few players take it on board at all.

Yet having a couple of strong players to your left could be all it takes to turn what may have been an otherwise profitable game into one that is only break even. You see, there are different types of position in poker but the overwhelming number of amateur players who understand position only understand it by means of their position in a particular hand. Not many would be aware enough to get up and leave a game all because of who was sitting on their left. This factor is not as important in a game like Limit Hold’em but in No Limit then it can make the difference between winning and losing. When you know that a very good player will be entering the pot after you with the skill to play very well from the flop onwards then you will need to change your strategy somewhat because much of what I have been teaching you will be blunted because the good player will know that you will have position to do something about it.

Keep your System Safe

One of the biggest worries among advanced poker players is other people finding out what they do, and in turn using it against them. In other words, your competition will figure out your strategy and this will allow them to beat you more times than not. While this is a valid concern, there are some things that you can do in order to help yourself out.  If you get too complacent with what you are doing there is a good chance that somebody will catch onto your game sooner rather than later. But luckily, this is something that you should not worry about on a regular basis.

So is your poker system safe? The only way that you can be assured that your strategy is safe is to not use it! The fact of the matter is that your opponents will be trying to figure out what you are doing at all times. After all, isn’t this what you are trying to do?  If you think that your competition is not watching you closely you are wrong. For this reason, in order to keep your poker system safe you need to suspect that everybody is out to find out what you are doing. If you think this way you will be much more cautious about what you are doing while playing any game.

poker system

Another thing to consider is the way that you play. The bottom line is that your competition will find out some stuff about your system sooner rather than later. If you think about it, this is inevitable. Take for example a player who likes to bluff a lot. While there is nothing wrong with this, after a few games the other players at the table will begin to catch on. For this reason, it is safe to say that they have cracked this players system to a certain extent. Of course, it does not mean that the player is completely figured out, but one aspect of his or her game has been tapped into.

But when you think about it, is it really that big of a deal if your system gets figured out? Remember, just because somebody knows the way that you like to play does not mean that they will be able to stop you from winning. So many people put in hours of time trying to conceal their strategy, when all in all this is not even necessary. You should worry more about the way that you are playing, and let your competition figure out how to beat you.

Overall, you should be concerned with keeping your system or strategy safe. But with that being said, do not spend too much time doing so. Even if somebody does find out what you are doing, they still need to find a way to stop you from winning. And this is another thing entirely. So remember, work within your system to give yourself the best possible chance of success. And from there, let everybody else spend their time trying to figure you out.

All you need to know about Video Poker

Video Poker Overview

Video Poker is a relatively modern game in the gambling world, and as an arcade-style ‘machine’ game one that’s particularly well-suited to online casino gaming. In essence it’s a hybrid of the modern mechanisms of slot machines with the traditional card game of Poker. Typically, multiple hands of up to five cards each are dealt to the player, following which they must try and make the best hand possible by a process of discarding or keeping cards. The payout at the end of the game is determined by the value of the hand you are holding. You will also commonly find that a winning hand will also give rise to a further opportunity to play again for ‘double or nothing’ in a bonus round.

Additional Information

Although to play Video Poker only requires a very basic understanding of the value of traditional Poker hands, if those are a mystery to you, we’d always recommend getting familiar with those first to get the most out of playing this game. Once you’re au fait with the first principles of classic five card Poker then Video Poker itself is extremely simple.

Ahead of play you choose the amount of money you want to bet by putting coins to that value into the machine (playing online you click on a ‘coin menu’ to replicate this action), then hit the ‘Deal’ button to start the game.

The first hand of cards appear on the screen after which you should refer to the onscreen payout schedule to see what are, or could potentially develop into, winning hands. Similar to playing slots, you can then choose to ‘hold’ certain cards and then replace the rest by hitting the ‘Draw’ button for new cards. If you then hold a winning hand you can either collect your winnings, or attempt to double your money with a further bonus game.

One you have collected any winnings from a game, you can play a new hand by hitting the ‘Deal’ button again.

The Online Game

Like slots there are lots of customisations of the basic Video Poker game online, so we’d always recommend reading the game guides at the specific online casino you’ve chosen to familiarise yourself with its software’s controls and player options. All Video Poker machines essentially play the same way, but you’ll find plenty of variations in the number of hands you can play, sizes of bets you can make, and the payout schedules (including machines that play for progressive jackpots) to explore, if you enjoy the basic game.

Australian Online Poker Guide

Online poker is popular all around the world, and for good reason. It’s not only a great way to have fun playing your favorite game; it’s also a great way to make money if you know what you’re doing. Before we get to specific poker strategies, let’s take a look at your best options in regards to Australian online poker sites.

Poker Strategy

If you’re not an experienced poker player, then it’s highly recommended that you begin playing at the low-stakes cash games. You might think that the low buy-in tournaments would be your best bet, but there are too many races in tournaments. You might have an opportunity to win more money, but you won’t actually be improving your skill level. When you play in cash games, there are very few all-in races. This means you actually have to play poker and make difficult decisions. This might sound like a negative, but it’s a huge positive. It’s the best way to get better. After you win money consistently at the micro-stakes level, you can then move up one level so you will see bigger returns.

Regardless of what stakes you play, you will eventually learn that position is everything. The simplest advice is to play very tight when in early position and very aggressive when it late position. Early position pertains to first to act. Late position pertains to being on the button or one off the button.

Online Poker Sites in Australia


Spin Palace

Spin Palace has a stellar reputation in the online gambling world. If you bet online in any form, then there’s a good chance you have used an Spin Palace site at one point. If not, then there’s still an excellent chance you have heard this brand name in the past. This is a good sign because it indicates a business with staying power. In order to have staying power in this industry, an online poker site must offer quality. This all benefits you, the player. Spin Palace Poker offers top-tier software and customer service. There are also a lot of fish, or donkeys, that play here, which pertains to bad poker players.

Ruby Fortune

This site is also popular throughout the world. The biggest advantages to playing at Ruby Fortune Poker include big tournaments and a lot of payment options. The former is important because it can lead to enormous wins. The latter is important because you want to make sure you can get your money in and out as quickly as possible.

Betway Poker

This site isn’t as popular as the two listed above, but it does offer big bonuses for new players. The site is almost always busy, and there are a lot of different types of tournaments to choose from. They also offer qualifiers, which are tournaments where you can qualify to play in big live events.

Mummy’s Gold

This site has been around forever. It’s one the most reputable gambling sites in the world. While there is always good traffic, the biggest selling point for Mummy’s Gold is that they offer some tournament with $1 million prize pools.

Cabaret Club

Cabaret Club is a beast when it comes to traffic. You will never have trouble finding a game. You will also have an opportunity to play anything from micro stakes to high stakes. In addition to that, they offer a points system. The more you play, the more points you earn. You can then use those points for merchandise and entry fees to big tournaments.

GNUF Poker

This site has many slick and professional online poker rooms, and with regular tournaments it is no wonder GNUF is one of the top choices for playing poker online. Since 2006 GNUF Poker has been servicing players from around the world, including Australians of course, with offers such as Texas Hold ‘em, 7 Card Stud Poker, 5 Card Draw Poker, Omaha, and more. Powered on top of a Micrograming platform, you will find no shortage of series poker players here.

Great Products That Will Lead To Early Success

There are a lot of poker books out there that will help you improve. If you want to order a physical book that’s very in-depth, then you should read Harrington On Hold ‘Em written by Dan Harrington. If you would prefer reading an eBook, consider Sustainable Wins in 1/2 No Limit Poker by Dan Moss. This is a quick read that will get you on the right track.

The History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker cannot be said to be a very old game. Although there is no clarity regarding the inventor of this game, it seems to have developed in the Caribbean in the 80′s. The game was first played on cruise ships travelling along the Caribbean islands. The players play the game only with the intention of making huge profit. The rising popularity of this game can be attributed to the similarities and simple rules with poker.

Carribean stud poker is basically a casino table game and is a combination of blackjack and poker. The players hand is played against the dealer just like in the blackjack game. The dealer can choose to play against single or multiple opponents. The only difference between this game and traditional five card stud poker lies in the fact that unlike the latter, Caribbean Stud Poker is played not against the players but against the casino. Today, Carribean stud poker is one of the most popular online casino games played in countries such as North America and others because of its simple rules and strategies.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Players can expect to win a great deal of money in any given hand through the progressive jackpots that can be found in most of the casinos. This game is also one of the most exciting and fun games to play online. Additionally, the game does not involve any form of bluffing since players play against the dealer and not against other players or opponents. The player places an ante first and then folds or raises depending on the poker hand’s strength. Today, the Carribean stud poker game has also found a place in the Las Vegas casinos. With the addition of a progressive jackpot with an optional side bet advantage, many more players have been attracted towards this game that can be easily played online. This is the standard form the game that is played both in online and land based casinos today after receiving wide acceptance. Some of the sites let players to play this game free of cost. The sites also enable players to practice the game and to learn all about the strategies and tips before starting to play the actual game.

The Biggest Names in Online Poker Today!

Regardless of whether it is a simple game of poker or the ultra-modern free video poker online, the number of people enjoying the classic card game at online casinos is increasing with each passing day, with poker pegged to grow in popularity and appeal with people all over the world. The popularity of the game is unsurprisingly, on the rise. It has made a successful and gradual transition from a fun family card game to being one of the most commercially popular online casino games in the world. Every beginner who enters the world of poker wishes to learn how to play video poker professionally, and wants to be listed on the rundown of the world’s best pro poker players.

Inspired by some of the top players who play video poker online, these novel gamblers are keen on playing for big online jackpots and, gradually, make their way to the world’s best list. Online video poker reviews help them choose the best platforms to play video poker, and gives them an opportunity to earn some fame and money in the world of online poker, as a result. Every year, some new players make it to the top 10 list because of their sheer professional approach and strategy-based gameplay. However, there are some older pro-poker kings that manage to reappear in the top charts every year, with their impeccable abilities to make millions at the high-stake poker tables.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the biggest names in the world of online poker, who are printing bills worth millions on the poker tables.

Phil Ivey 

It isn’t a surprise to see the best Texas Hold’em Poker player in the world adorn the top spot, with an amount of over $19 million in his profit account. The 37-year old poker master is named as the Tiger Woods of Poker. He has several nicknames; among which “No Home Jerome” stems from the identity card that Phil secured for playing poker in the casinos of Atlantic City during his teenage years. Phil hasn’t made all that money while playing Full Tilt Poker only. He has earned quite a big reputation in the live poker circuit, as well. The American pro-poker player has nine World Series of Poker bracelets and a World Poker Tour title to his name. He has also appeared in nine World Poker Tour final round tables.

Patrik Antonius 

The second best pro poker player, Patrik is a former tennis player, coach and a supermodel from Vantaa, Finland. This Finnish poker star started his journey towards fame during early 2005, with his excellent finishes in the European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour events. With over $11 million in his kitty, Patrik Antonius is one of the most consistent performers the world of online poker has ever seen. He is, to date, the biggest pot winner online, with an amount of $1,356,947 against a young Swedish player, Viktor Blom, back in the year 2009.
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Texas Holdem Tournament Strategies

Texas Holdem is a very interesting variant of poker and if you want to win in a Texas Holdem tournament you will need not only to use your own strategy, but also have a good luck. There are many things, which are important for every participant in Texas Holdem tournament if he wants to leave the game as a winner. There are many different strategies you need to master as table and hand selection, calculating pot odds, reading your opponents, knowing how to bluff and so on.

Many winners in Texas Holdem tournaments say that the most important skill is table and seat selection. You will not become a successful player if you always pick a table without bad players at it. Remember that if you are always playing against very good poker players you will not win much. Your position at the table is also important when you participate in Texas Holdem tournament. Texas Holdem poker is a flop game and it means that your position remains the same during all rounds of betting. In early position you will not have as much information as your opponents, who are in later position. Playing in late position, you have the chance to see how your opponents act and you will have more information about the pot odds.

Texas Holdem Tournament

If you have played Texas Holdem poker, you probably know that it is a high-card game so the player holding two high cards has the best chance to form the highest hand after the flop. If you know how to play your hands you will certainly become the winner in a Texas Holdem tournament. There are five community cards on the table and only two cards for every player, so you need to recognize when you have the highest hand. You will not win any Texas Holdem tournament if you miss your chances to play when you hold the best hand.

For every participant in Texas Holdem tournament it is very essential to know how to calculate his outs, hand odds and pot odds. Knowing how to calculate your odds will help you make the right betting decisions during the competition. If you see that your hand odds are better than the pot odds, you should call or raise your hand.

Reading your opponents is a skill, every participant in Texas Holdem tournament needs to master. Every action the other poker players at the table make gives you very important information, which you can use while playing in a Texas Holdem tournament. It means that you must keep your emotions when you play Texas Holdem poker, so other players will not have information about your hands. When you play in a Texas Holdem tournament, always be unpredictable when bluffing and pick the right moments to bluff, because sometimes bluffing is not the best move.

Running Your Own Home Poker Game

You’ve watched poker on TV, played online and now fancy having a game with a few friends at home. Playing at home with friends is easy to set up and can be a great night, but there are a few things you need to consider to make it a real success.


Cards are obviously the most important thing to have, since it is a card game after all! Don’t just reach for that manky old deck you’ve taken on holiday several times though, they’ll be scrappy and most probably bent and marked.

Cheap paper cards just aren’t up to the amount of shuffling and play needed for poker. It’s worth investing in a deck or two that will last for a good few games, for this 100% plastic cards are best as they are more durable. We recommend Kem Arrow, or Copags which are both available from winningsupplies.com or Gamble.co.uk


You could play with your copper coins you’ve been building up or even a bit of monopoly money, but for that real feel you can’t beat using some decent casino chips. You can get chips from just about anywhere at the moment, but like most things you get what you pay for! It’s worth getting at least a 500 piece chip set to ensure you have enough for all your players. Cheaper sets tend to contain lighter chips which just don’t give the satisfying feel that heavier ones do. Ideally you should try to get clay filled chips which are 11.5g in weight, and it’s always best to get ones that come in a case for convenient storage.

Buy in

It’s best to set your buy in at a level that all players can afford and are happy to pay, a good gauge might be keeping it below what you’d spend on a Friday night down the pub. Beginners may be unhappy putting too much into the pot as well as they will think they are just going to lose it. If you’re all veterans you may consider playing for more. You also need to decide if you’re doing a rebuy or freezeout tournament, how much the rebuys are and how many allowed. The blinds form the prize fund so it’s worth making it clear at the start how this will be split and to how many players. A good guide is to pay first and second places for under 8 players, and the top 3 players above that. Alternatively you could have a winner takes all game.


It’s important to have a blind structure set up beforehand to keep the game moving and ensure you’re not there all night. Setting the blinds to rise too quickly and you’ll have finished in no time, too slowly and you’ll still be there when the sun comes up! Having the blinds rise about every 30 minutes should lead to an approximately 5 hour game. The big blind is also always the minimum amount you can bet. It’s worth downloading a blind timer and running it on your laptop or PC if you have one nearby. These automatically count down the blind time for you and tell you what the blinds should be at all times. Quite a good one is Tournament Director which has a free 30 day trial. Continue reading

Winning Omaha Hi Lo Secrets

Here are some tips for winning at Omaha hi lo:

  1. Keep in mind that Omaha hi lo is VERY different from Texas holdem. The difference between having one hole card combination and having six hole card combinations is THE crucial difference between these two games, and it affects all of your decisions.
  2. The other major difference between Texas holdem and Omaha hi lo is that you MUST use two of your hole cards to make up your final hand. If you get confused about this, you’ll lose lots of money needlessly.
  3. It takes big hands to win in Omaha hi lo. Full houses are rare in Texas holdem, but they’re pretty common in Omaha hi lo. So a winning Omaha hi lo strategy is a tight Omaha hi lo strategy.
  4. The addition of the “hi lo split” changes your strategy too. Not only do you have to look for what might be the best possible high hand, you have to look for what might be the best possible low hand. If a low hand is possible, then you need to be prepared to split the pot, which changes a high hand’s profitability.
  5. How well your hole cards play together is the critical question when deciding how to play your cards before the flop. You have six combinations. You want a lot of those six combinations to play well together, if not all of them.
  6. If the flop doesn’t fit your hole cards well, then get out of the hand. This is one point where Texas holdem and Omaha hi lo are similar. Fit or fold.
  7. Since aces play both low and high, it’s important to play starting hand which include them. Your goal with your hole cards is to have both high hand potential AND low hand potential.

Omaha hi lo is a fun game, and it’s also potentially very profitable for a winning player. The tricks and tactics for winning at Omaha hi lo will become clearer the more practice you get at the table.